Road Accident Claims

Road accident claims account for the majority of personal injury claims in the UK. There are thousands of automobiles on the roadways each hour of the day so it is reasonable to expect that the chances of a collision are high. There are a few things you must consider if you are injured in an automobile accident.

Road Accident Injuries

Personal injuries from accidents involving automobiles may not be evident on the day you have the accident. Some injuries will not be obvious for two or three days after the accident. This is partially due to the fact that when you are injured your body produces excess amounts of adrenalin which keep you from feeling the pain you are in.

When you do have an automobile accident it would behove you to be examined by a medical professional right away. You will then be aware of any possible injuries, and if you have been injured it will be documented in your medical history that the injury was a direct result of your accident so you can prove it on your road accident claims.

Accepting Settlement Offers

When you have been in an accident the insurance provider for the vehicle that was at fault will look at the damages to the vehicles, and to the people involved in the incident, and then they will make a monetary offer to the injured parties. Most of the time, the settlement offer that an insurance company makes is far less than the actual damages of the injured party.

The insurance company begins making offers for the least amount of money they think they can get away with paying. It is in their best interest to pay as little as possible when there are road accident claims against them.

To determine if you have been offered a fair compensatory amount from the insurance company you should seek the advice of a solicitor that handles road accident claims. You may not have to retain the services of that solicitor, but you need some advice from someone who is experienced in the settlement of these types of claims.

Searching For a Solicitor

You may think that you cannot afford to hire a solicitor, or talk to a solicitor about your road accident claims. Do not think that way. The majority of solicitors will allow you to come to their offices and explain the details of your predicament, for no charge. When you call their office ask if they have a free consultation.

At the consultation you will present all of the evidence of injury that you have and the solicitor will determine if you have enough evidence to prove your personal injuries according to the limitations establish by the laws. They will explain to you about how much your case could bring to you, and they will talk with you about what steps you will need to take in order to proceed.
At this time you can ask the solicitor about the final cost of having them represent you. They will be able to explain their fees, and the methods you have to pay those fees. Many of these professionals will waive payment until you have settled your claim. They understand that you never planned for something like this to happen, and that you likely cannot afford to pay their fees out of your pocket.

What Happens After You Find a Solicitor?

Once you have hired someone to legally represent your interests in the case you can sit back and let them do all of the work, worrying, and negotiating. The first thing they will do is write a letter and tell the person responsible what injuries you suffered, and that you are asking for monetary compensation for those injuries.

When the other person gets the letter they can either agree to pay for the cost of your injuries, or they can deny that they are liable. If they deny liability then your road accident claims will be taken to a court of law where your solicitor will argue your case for you.

You will need to stay in contact with your solicitor, and you will need to follow their advice until the entire matter is settled.