No Win No Fee

Making a no win no fee personal injury claim need not be a stressful experience if you choose a competent no win no fee legal firm/company to help you with your case. A good firm with professional solicitors will help to guide you from start to finish, giving you advice and support every step of the way.

Their professional support will greatly increase your chances of winning the compensation which you deserve. In order to help the law firm to help you, you will need to provide the no win no fee solicitor with certain information and details which are specific to your case. Here are a few of the things which your solicitor may need to know:

Personal Injury Details

The first thing that your personal injury solicitor will be interested in is hearing details about your accident. This will usually include the date of the accident, where it happened, how it happened and what the consequences were.

All of the details about your accident that you are able to provide will help the solicitor in establishing the facts about the no win no fee case that they are dealing with, and it will help to give them the best indication of whether your case is justifiable and viable, and therefore filing an accident claim.

Accident Witnesses

Your no win no fee solicitor will also want to know if there were any witnesses to your accident. These witnesses can help you and the solicitor to corroborate your claim, so it is very important that you mention anyone who may have seen your accident.

If you have any of the witnesses contact details, it is a good idea to provide your solicitor with them obviously, but if you do not, your solicitor may still be able to find them another way. For example, they may be able to help you to find a specific employee based on a company’s records of which workers were in the area at the time of your accident.

Medical Records

It is important that you are able to provide your solicitor with medical records relating to the injury as these can make a substantial impact on the outcome of your no win no fee claim. They may want to see your general medical records as well, to help to prove that your injuries were definitely caused by your accident. The records can be used as evidence and also to assess the extent of your injuries and the damage that these injuries may have caused to your earning potential and your quality of living.

If you have had to pay for any of the medical treatment which was associated with your accident, you should also make sure that you take the bills in with your medical certificates, so that your solicitor will have proof of your previous costs.

Financial Statements

If you’re injury has affected your ability to work, you should also taking your bank statements or your pay slips, which the solicitor may be able to use as proof of loss of earnings.

If you can prove that the accident has resulted in a serious loss of earnings, your solicitor should be able to help you to get access to a higher level of compensation.

Why Opt For No Win No Fee

If your case isn’t being taken on a no win no fee basis then your law firm representing you in court will need to know of any special insurance or trade union membership which may be able to help you to cover your legal costs.

no win no feeAlthough this information can still be of use to your solicitor in no win no fee claims cases, you do not have to worry if you do not have either of these.

Of course, once you have spoken to your solicitor and provided them with all the necessary information, they will then be able to better evaluate your particular circumstances and advise you as to whether your case is likely to be successful and whether they will accept you on a no win no fee basis.

They will then help to explain the no win no fee process to you, and tell you all that you need to know about taking your case further. Your solicitor will be happy for you to take notes during your meeting, and most solicitors will provide you with a full written summary of advice following the initial no win no fee meeting.

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